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Saturday, 1-Mar-2014 08:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Patterns and Illustrations from Webbydzine

Download Free Vector Stickers, Silhouettes, Patterns and Illustrations from Webbydzine

Web designers looking to download free vector stickers and graphic patterns can do so through Webbydzine. This website is a virtual art gallery with thousands of designs and stickers to choose from. Not just stickers, but the site also displays some of the coolest Vector inspired business cards, icons, logos, patterns, silhouettes and web templates.

As for stickers, designers can choose from different themes like vintage labels, floral stickers, Valentine's Day stickers, decorative elements, butterfly art, stylish label designs, labels with roses, etc. The designs can be customized to suit the user's color scheme as well. They're fully scalable and layered and perfect to be used as promotional packages.

"We come up with new designs every week. You can choose one to suit your needs. For instance, the latest collection includes abstract flowers vector art composition with floral shapes, circles and lines on a sunny background. These floral designs would complement an invitation or brochure design," says a spokesperson for the website. Logo designs include eco natural icons, couple dancing icons, business logos, travel design logos, Android logos, etc.

The free vector graphics and patterns are also great to make birthday/thank you cards for loved ones. Natural outdoor vector illustrations like clouds, colorful rainbow, abstract butterflies, grass fields, weather, summer landscapes, meadow graphic images, etc. are some examples of elements that can be used to create memorable designs.

"Not just for Valentine's Day, but our free illustrator vector can be used to wish people on festive occasions as well. We have a huge collection of stickers for Diwali, Christmas, Halloween, etc.," adds the spokesperson. The graphics and stickers can be used for personal use as well as commercial purposes. The link to download these graphics is included in the help file.

About Webbydzine:

Webbydzine is the effort of Bangalore based graphic artist who would like to share his graphic designs including free illustrator vectors with web designers and designers.

For more details visit:

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No-Nonsense Reviews of E-Cigs Now Available at ECigaretteReviews

When it comes to reviewing a product, sugar coated words just don't do the trick. Users don't come to review site for over the top hype about products. There's one site that sticks to its straightforward style when reviewing e-cigarettes.

"We don't really believe in mincing words when it comes to reviewing a particular e-cigarette. A lot of people who visit our site are fist time users of e-cigarettes. They're here because they would like to kick their habit and are looking for something that's good enough to become an alternative. We certainly owe some responsibility towards them. If they go by our opinion and do not find it good, would they be encouraged to try another one? Perhaps yes, but mostly NO!" says the spokesperson for the site. The product is reviewed according to its battery power, flavor, vapor, and of course the price.

The site offers reviews to almost all popular brands including V2Cigs, White Cloud Review, Green Smoke, etc. They also encourage e-cig manufacturers to submit their starter kit for review. E-cig users can also contribute their opinion so that everyone can find the best brand according to their preference and budget. Users can also sign up for free coupons, giveaways and plenty of other free stuff.

The latest statistics revealed by the National Cancer Institute reveals that more than 90% of lung cancer deaths in the US is caused by cigarette smoking. The problem with smoking is that nicotine addiction can be very difficult to get rid of. But e-cigarettes have a unique answer to this problem- the e-cig allows smoke addicts to inhale the smell of nicotine, minus the thousands of chemicals present in cigarettes. And to provide a visual pleasure when smoking, these e-cig sticks release harmless water vapor.

About This site provides an honest review of the latest brands of ecigarettes including V2, White Cloud etc.

For more details visit:

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Future of Online Video Nothing Short of Bright

Forrester Research recently published their Online Paid Content Forecast for 2012 to 2017 detailing that Video is the fastest-growing digital content category. This comes as great news - but no real shock - to video production companies like PixelFish, a leading provider of offline, online and broadcast video solutions for medium-sized to large businesses, located in Torrance, CA. "From a business perspective, this is great news," exalted Jeff Briggs, Partner and Chief Counsel. "But it doesn't take more than just a precursory internet search to see the train coming."

The Forrester forecast concluded that more than 90% of the online population will regularly watch online video by 2017. "We're seeing a tremendous up-tick in businesses embracing video as a sales and marketing tool," remarked PixelFish CEO Elisabeth Swardstrom, "and we're certainly delighted to usher them into this exciting world."

Further excitement was generated by comScore, Inc., a global leader in measuring the digital world and preferred source of digital business analytics, with the release of their Video Metrix service that quantified the growth of online video content viewers. The comScore date put the tally at 183 million Internet users in the U.S. alone watching more than 37 billion online content videos - and that's just in a single month. The two reports further strengthen what those at PixelFish have known for years: if you want potential customers to become familiar with your company and product, that's nothing in the current landscape as effective as video.

A bright future indeed.

About PixelFish

PixelFish is a provider of award-winning video advertising solutions for medium-sized and large businesses, and their advertising partners. The company has developed revolutionary concepts for quickly and easily creating, distributing and optimizing the most affordable and effective video for all applications. Founded in 2006, PixelFish is a privately-held corporation headquartered in Torrance, California. To learn more about PixelFish, please visit

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Entertaining FertilityApp Helps Men Track Likelihood.....

TRA Partners LLC has released the new RhythmDaddyiPhoneapp, which helps men keep track oftheir partner'sfertility with alerts that keep things from getting heavy. Understanding each stage of his significant other's cycle is important for any man interested in trying to become a father, or put it off a little longer. What's different about this app is the lighthearted and entertaining tone, designed to help men laugh about something that can, at times, be awkward. Interested parties can learn more at

RhythmDaddy's calendar, once populated with the female partner's basic information, will generate either text or sound notifications that keep track of her approximatefertility,so that a couple may try to conceive or avoid on certain days.The app'sfunny tone offsets the seriousness of potential parenthood. Instead of "your partner might be fertile today" the app tells you "forecast calls for rain." The man will get the message, maybe laugh, and be reminded of his partner's fertility.

"Whether you're looking to conceive, or simply avoid, the probability of success resides in accurate data, so adjusting the settings is recommended to ensure a greater degree of confidence in your weekly decisions." says RhythmDaddy's official instructions "Obviously, the natural way to avoid unwanted pregnancy is to abstain from intercourse with your partner during fertile days."

RhythmDaddy's lighthearted alerts keep men up to date withtheir partner's fertility. It's important for men to remember this information, and that their partner may be more fertile some days than others.This can also help men make better decisions andavoid seeming "clueless." Take a look at the new iPhone app by clicking:

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Get a Complete Review of E-Cigarettes at ecigarettereviewsforum.

Where do people like Alex .N. turn to when they need an unbiased opinion on a newly launched e-cig? Simple! They turn to! Reviews are provided by the users and moderator so that everyone can find the best e-cig brand for their preference and budget.

Cigarette addicts looking to kick the habit and regular e-cig users both can use this site to read reviews of the latest brands. Reviews of popular brands like White Cloud, V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Bull Smoke, Premium Vapes, South Beach Smoke, SmokeTip etc. are available on the site.

"We all know that smoking is an unhealthy habit that causes as much harm to others as much as it does it you. Asthma addicts and others allergic to smoke are sure to thank you for the switchover! Besides it isn't until you've quit that you realize that tobacco smells horrible," says the spokesperson at

"But not all e-cigs are alike; some offer great value for money and others are just a waste. Our site helps you to choose the ones that are right for you. You can even sign up for our free newsletter and we'll send you the latest reviews," adds the spokesperson. Offers and discounts announced by manufacturers are also made available on the site. For instance, Green Smoke is now offering a 10% off to UK users purchasing through the site.

A single cigarette contains thousands of harmful ingredients including benzene, ammonia, acetone, tar, nicotine, and even arsenic. These are known carcinogens and very harmful for the body. But e-cigs are harmless and even encourage you to quit the habit. An electronic cigarette is a healthier option wherein smokers get the gratification on holding the cigarette. The smoke that emanates is just harmless liquid vapor. The nicotine that is produced is also harmless.

About This is site dedicated to help cigarette smokers find information about the latest brand of electronic cigarettes in the market.

To know more, please visit,

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